Racist Sandwich


Today I want to give a specific shout out to the Portland, Oregon based podcast Racist Sandwich. Portland, OR, was dubbed the whitest city in America, and Soleil Ho, Zahir Janmohamed, and Alan Montecillo, are tackling issues around how that has an impact on the growing restaurant scene in the city.

What is Racist Sandwich about? In short: FOOD X RACE X CLASS X GENDER

They alternate guests on the show that talk about their relationship to food and the food industry as it relates to race, class and gender. They have some incredible guests on their show, and I’m tempted to list everyone they interview as someone who I admire.

Racist Sandwich is filling a gap that exists in food media. They’re highlighting people of color in the industry that are being ignored by bigger food magazines like Bon Appétit and other well known food media coverage. They are helping amplify voices that deserve to be heard for the incredible work that they are doing

Something that I am particularly in love with on their website is “THE PDX POC-OWNED FOOD DIRECTORY” that they have created. It’s an active record of all the restaurants and grocery stores that are owned by people of color in Portland, Oregon.  It’s a similar idea to Natasha Bowen’s The Color of Food Map that is an active directory of all the people of color owned farms in the U.S. It’s a map I’ve used both to add farms to, as well as find farms to work for, in the area. Specifically, it connected me to an amazing farmer, Zachary, who started and runs Good Sense Farm and Apiary, a mushroom and honey farm in D.C., whose tagline is “rewilding D.C.”, which promotes alternative urban farming methods. I would be interested in putting together a similar directory for Baltimore that promotes POC-owned food businesses throughout the city.

If you are already someone who fits podcasts into their daily commute or routine, mix it up and plug into Racist Sandwich. It’s a great resource that can connect you to other businesses and sources of information.

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