February Events

Our February is full of important work.

We are taking some intentional time off to recharge, not only with repairs and adjustments on our truck and our business model, but also for ourselves.

We rely on the warmer seasons and the good weather, not only to help produce the delicious local food we use on the truck, but also to make it more pleasant to vend our food outside, we have chosen to use the cold month of February to work on all the things we might have missed by working continuously through our first season. We are working on gaining some new perspectives and wisdom on food and farming, by continuing our education this month. More details on what we learn will be shared in our March newsletter!

You can find us at the end of the month at Taste Baltimore (2/24), as we kick back off into our second season. With a gradual climb back into our full schedule, we are already looking at a full summer, and we are so excited to see what our second season brings!


Join us for Taste Baltimore 3, a showcase of up and coming chefs, bakers, caterers, and local small batch businesses. This event is organized by Culinary Socialite, a Baltimore small food business’ events network, managed by the one and only Chef Cat, our dear friend a truck supporter from day 1. You won’t want to miss this showcase of amazing talent, free samples, cooking demo, and of course yummy goodness from off our truck! If you need a wilde fix this month, this is when and where!