Art can be as filling as food. Wilde Thyme wants to help share art and local creations, as widely and generously around Baltimore city, as we do food.


Twisted Carrot Earrings

handmade polymer earrings


Watermelon Earrings

handmade polymer earrings


Let’s Go Bananas Earrings

handmade polymer earrings


Avocado Earrings

handmade polymer earrings


Cheese and Grater Earrings


Plume Earrings

handmade polymer earrings



Wilde Horoscope Recipe Guide Subscription (ex: Aries Nettle)

Wilde Horoscope Recipe Guide

This is a great birthday gift for a long distance friend! With a small payment of five dollars you will receive one of our electronic Wilde Horoscope Recipe Guides. Each guide includes four Wilde Thyme recipes, illustrations of the seasonal food, and a food themed horoscope reading for that month, written and designed by Kiah. For an example please click on the Aries Nettle guide.


Wilde Thyme

Wilde Thyme T-shirt

"All the Ingredients are Here", including everything you need to make local merch! Locally screen printed Wilde Thyme t-shirts, blue with yellow print, come in s, m, l, xl, and xxl


Wilde Thyme Sticker

matte finish cut-out sticker


All the Ingredients are Here Prints

original print, black ink on cream, light pink, or blue paper, un-framed



Custom Embroidered Hats

choose your 3 favorite fruits or veggies and see them embroidered on a baseball cap, above are examples of previously custom designed hats


Three Root Veggies Hat

if you aren't a picky eater, snag one of these three root vegetable hats, where the foliage grows up on the brim



IMG_5840 SOLD!

watered down lace

ceramic bowl


Thank you for your support!

Once you have made a purchase you will receive an e-mail regarding delivery/pick-up. If you are outside of Baltimore there will be an additional mailing charge.