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Wilde Thyme Team Member Job Description

As a Wilde Thyme team member you will learn every angle of what it takes to run a Food Truck. We are looking for folks excited about contributing to a mobile food business that are just as engaged when it comes to learning how to cook all our menu items as they are in understanding what goes into prep, clean up, loading and unloading (heavy quantities on and off) the truck for our different events, working with our farmers, ordering weekly produce, and customer service. You’ll be asked to run the front of house, dealing with customers and taking orders. You’ll be asked to learn the different food stations from preparing on the cold line, to using the griddle and deep fryer. You’ll be expected to clean thoroughly. You’ll be expected to prep food and understand basic Serv Safe standards.You will need to get yourself to different locations throughout the city in order to work our varying shifts. They’ll be hot, hot days in the truck that are long and tiring, and they’ll be beautiful breezy days where we get to park outside of urban farms and engage with local Baltimore communities.

Our peak season is from April through October. It is important that you can commit to our full season if you are interested in a full time position. Flexibility in your schedule is important. We primarily focus on prep and lunch shifts throughout the week, evening events closer to the weekend, and festivals and weddings almost every weekend of the summer. If you are applying as a part time employee you should expect to work at least two weekends every month from April through October. If you are applying for a full-time or manager position you will be expected to work weekends as well as during the week. You will take on more behind the scenes obligations (equipment maintenance and repair, as well as driving the truck). A Serve Safe course and driving lesson with the owner will be required of managers.

We’re looking for someone interested in how food and community intersect in Baltimore. We’re looking for someone energetic and willing to learn. We’re hoping to find ways that our team can better improve our business with creativity and energy! We encourage ANYONE, no matter what your race, gender, age, religious beliefs are, to apply knowing that we are working to create a safe work environment, and a better Baltimore.

In order to figure out if we’re a symbiotic match, please follow the instructions below and answer a few questions for us! Thank you!


In addition to answering the questions below please email your resume and three references to

  1. Is there a particular reason you are interested in working for Wilde Thyme, or on a food truck?
  2. What’s your favorite thing to eat?
  3. What is an example of how you could see the food truck positively interacting with its surrounding community?
  4. Do you have a favorite local farm in the area?
  5. Are you applying for a full-time position, part-time?
  6. If you were going to ride an animal, and the animal’s size OR your size could change, what animal would you choose and what size would it be? Ex: I would shrink down and ride a hummingbird, or I would ride a dolphin as is.

Interviews will take place starting February 26th, with work starting in March, and high season being April-October. Please send in your application by February 24th.