Our Team

Our team is built up of individuals with variant backgrounds in the food industry. We’re a strong bunch, made even stronger through collaborations with our community.



Kiah’s introduction to the food industry was through farming. Having grown up enjoying and working for an outdoor summer camp, she prefers to work with people in non-traditional settings, whether it be on a farm, or in the woods, or, currently from a truck! In her free time she likes to giggle with friends, play outside, grow things, and make stuff. To break that down one more layer: she likes to recycle jokes with friends until they are old and tired and people are barely laughing, mostly hike to watering holes, grow things you can eat or ideas you can feed on, and make things that sparkle or make you think about food or warmth, with pens and sometimes rubber stamps and string too.


Maya is an eccentric gentlewoman who enjoys long walks and conversations exploring the intersection of food, culture, education and the transformative power it offers both personally and for communities.  In her free time she enjoys making fermented things (especially beer), hiking and camping,  volunteering at her local community garden and elementary school, and planning elaborate home dinners.  She is a worldly witch,  who would love to have you over for dinner and pick your brain in the politest manner.