Summer Menu

Our summer menu combines the freshest summer ingredients with what we know and love to cook. Local artists designed our menu drawings after a tasting to help give a visual on each item and to incorporate more mobile art with our truck.


The Pita Sandwich: pulled tinga chicken or falafel on a warm pita with tzatziki, cabbage slaw, and local greens.


The Yummy Bowl: pulled tinga chicken or falafel with our homemade tzatziki, hummus, and a smokey eggplant dip, along with a summer veggie medley, local greens, over top a bowl of grains. +local kimchi


Summer Salad: seasonal summer bounty with toasted nuts and a pesto vinaigrette dressing.


Little Dippers: Homemade hummus, tzatziki, smokey eggplant dip, with pita and local veggies for dipping.


Breafast Sammie: Fried egg, greens, caramalized onions, local veggie medley, chive cream cheese on an english muffin. + bacon


Grits Bowl: Grits with local greens, a summer veggie medley, and a hard boiled egg. +bacon +local kimchi


Meusli: Oats soaked in yogurt with toasted nuts and summer fruit.


Daily Special: We want to be able to accommodate the season, so for that reason we have a daily special where we can serve the freshest ingredients.


$2 Daily: We want to be able to accommodate every budget, so we have a $2 Daily special so that you can taste our delicious food without burning a hole in your pocket.


Sweets: We rotate our sweet tooth needs by featuring different sweets like our homemade zebra cakes (a tribute to what the truck used to be, a Little Debbie truck), our homemade baklava, and delicious ice creams and sorbets.

Bird Cups Orange.jpg

Drinks: We have locally roasted coffee by Vent, iced tea, and shrubs! Come refresh!