January Events

Happy 2018!

Resolutions. Reflection. Recharge.

Do you know that feeling that typically washes over you as you settle into June, that the summer is already coming to an end? It’s only June and you’ve hardly gotten started on your summer, but your weekends are full, and you are busy as all get out, and an irrational wave comes crashing down that causes you to think the sweetest days of summer will be gone in the blink of an eye.

The first winter with the food truck has been slow. Slow on the street, but busy with recharging, reflection, strategizing, editing, meeting, organizing, and dreaming. And while I’ve never been someone who flourishes in the short days of winter, I’ve caught myself having similar sensations to, what I will call the June-summer-gone feeling, that before I know it, it will be high season with the truck again and *blink*, will I have recharged? I am finding a feeling of sanctuary in the hibernation and restoration of winter.

As I enter the new year I am thinking about the exchange of energy. Within these seasons, within myself, my community, and this business. The giving and receiving it takes to operate this truck isn’t a predictable formula just yet, but there is insight from the year before on how to have a more sustainable exchange. I am thinking of the impossibly good connections that will be formed this year that will strengthen Wilde Thyme and the network surrounding it. I’m thinking about the relationships that have opened up new possibilities, and will continue to bring restorative energy to the table in 2018. I am thinking of the power of collaboration being the sustaining force for climbing in and out of this new year. I am excited and nervous that in a blink it will be March, and we will be ramping up into our second season, but before we blink, let’s plan some time to dream. What are you thinking about this new year?



We will be catering a lunch for the Future Harvest Conference this month. If you would like something catered please e-mail us to set up arrangements at wildethymebaltimore@gmail.com 


We will be set up in R House, a food hall in Remington, Baltimore, from January 15th-January 21st, 2018. Come on in off the streets and enjoy our cooking in a more stable and warm environment this month! Location: 301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211


We will be donating a delicious soup for the final Empty Bowl event on January 21st from 5-8pm. You get a handmade bowl, and yummy soup, and you’re proceeds go to Taller Salud, a non-profit organization in Puerto Rico working on hurricane relief.